Recycled Materials Used With Caution

In an age where carbon footprint, greenhouse gas, and global warming are frequently used words, it is no surprise that "going green" is not only hip but also necessary. However, when it comes to using recycled materials, it is important to ensure that the quality of the recycled products is not compromised.

Often times, materials deemed as "recycled" can be hazardous to your health. Flyash, for instance, is a commonly used material in cement, but because of its potentially harmful, dust-like properties it cannot be used in drywall.

Ultimately, when it comes to using recycled products, it is necessary to first consider the products' effects on the health of the individuals that use them, their durability, and also their costs. When deciding which recycled materials are appropriate for you, it is best to take on a "holistic" approach. 

It is by no means to say that recycled products should not be used entirely; maintaining global consciousness of the harms of pollution is absolutely necessary. However, quality should be taken into consideration alongside eco-friendliness. Green roofing options and environmentally friendly roofs are easily available and should be considered when building a home. 

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