Roof Fire Ratings

Green Roofs SustainableHouse fires have been a threat that people have faced since the construction of the first wooden abodes. It's probably part of the reason why stonework and adobe were used to build structures in many parts of the world and why flame retardants and fire-resistant materials continue to be a big part of the chemical industry. Although wooden homes and houses that had cedar shake roofs in the past were subject to fires, regulations and fire rating systems during modern times help to decrease the chance that a home will easily ignite into flames.

The fire ratings given for roofing materials include:

  • Class A: This is the highest fire rating and the one attained by DaVinci Roofscapes products. Roofs that achieve this rating can withstand significant fire test exposure and can afford a high degree of protection to the roof deck
  • Class B: Roofs of this rating are only effective against moderate fire exposure.
  • Class C: Will afford a low degree of fire protection to the roof deck 
  • Unrated: A roof covering that may offer very little protection to the roof deck and may produce flying brands.

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