Roof Hail Damage Got You Down?

Whether you live in one of the areas in the Midwest that often gets hit by hailstorms or if there was a hailstorm that just came through your area, then you might be really sick of roof hail damage.

No matter if your insurance company replaces your roof every time or not, the simple pain of coordinating roofers and having your home or building worked on, on a regular basis can be a bit of a problem.

You, therefore, might be looking for a solution to your hail damage woes. While DaVinci is not a rubber slate roof system, our lightweight roofing materials are ideal for hail prone areas.

Our shingles carry a Class 4 impact rating which is the highest rating that a roofing product can obtain.

Here's a video that we have on our YouTube channel that explains the impact rating test and how it actually works.

Would you like to learn more about our shingles performance ratings? Please feel free to get in touch with a member of our customer service department.

Did you get a DaVinci roof because of the hail damage problems to roofs in your area? Please feel free to tell us about your DaVinci roof and how it has made your life easier.

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