Roofing Contractor Interviews about DaVinci Synthetic Roofing Products

Multi-Width DaVinci SlateAs a manufacturer of polymer roofing products, there are a lot of factors in our business that we take into consideration - not only in the design, durability and performance of our products, but also in the application of our products.

As a result, we like to interview roofing contractors that install our products - we like to hear any feedback the roofers in the field have to share. We pass along the feedback we receive and share with you as well, as we think they're pretty interesting and hope you find them helpful in your roofing product research.

Here is a quick summary of the interviews that we have recently completed, in case you're interested in checking them out:

Interview with Roofing Contractor Bill Powers of Titan Construction to Discuss Lightweight Roofing Systems - Bill mentioned how much he liked the engineering structure on the back of our shingles because he has had issues with other synthetic slate and shake shingles and curling.  He appreciates the science behind why we have the waffle back shingle.

Interview with Brad Van Weelden of the Brad Van Weelden Company in Des Moines, IA - Brad likes our color blends and our profiles - he says that they offer options for every homeowner.

What questions do you have for roofers that install our products?  What questions do you have for us? Drop us an email or call us at 1-800-328-4624.

Are you a roofing contractor that installs DaVinci products?  Please contact us about being interviewed for our blog.

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