Roofing Made Easier with the DaVinci Turret Package

DaVinci Slate Turret PackageRoofs come in all shapes and sizes. Some have more valleys than others, there are roofs that are as simple as can be, and then there are complex structures adorned with turrets. Ask any roofer about turrets and you will probably hear about the difficulties and challenges associated with placing roofing materials onto those cone-like structures.

However, the next time you ask a roofer about putting fake slate onto a turret, if they don't mention our turret package, see if they believe you when you tell them we provide a custom turret package with pre-cut tiles to make that turret installation much easier.

Since the size and dimensions of each turret is different, we will need a few measurements but once we get those, we can put together bundles of tiles that are sorted by row (course), and arranged for the easiest turret installation your roofer has probably every experienced or imagined.

The 4 measurements we need (your roofer will understand and help figure these out) are:

1. The length from the edge of the drip cap to the turret peak.

2. The pitch of the turret.

3. The length of the turret cap.

4. The coursing exposure.

Our package turns this challenging job into a simple installation. If you have turrets that have been the recipients of our turret package, please send us your photos to share on the blog!

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