Roofing Material Terminology Part One

When building a new house or building, it's worth knowing some of the terms that are Lightweight Roofing Systemsinvolved to give you a better understanding of various aspects of the construction process. Some of the words associated with roofs that are good to know include such terminology as:

  • Barge Board: Timbers may be an important part of roof structures, but roofs don't look as nice when timbers are visible. The barge board is put into place to hide any beams or timbers that project over a triangular roof.
  • Beam: Just as you may have suspected, a beam can be made of wood or steel and is used to support the roof. More than one beam can be used and they help to hold up the roof.
  • Cornice: This is the term used for those parts of the roof that stick out over the walls. Mountain climbers will be familiar with this term as it is also used to indicate ice or snow that hangs over a cliff.
  • Eave: This refers to the beams that form a cornice. One of the main reasons for using eaves is to help make water drip away from the walls of the structure.

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