Roofing Material Terminology Part Two

There are hundreds of technical terms related to the construction process. When looking for a new, Lightweight Roofing Systemsimproved roof for your home or business, you don't need to memorize the entire construction lexicon. However, it is important to learn at least a few of the terms that you will see the most. Some additional words and terminologies associated with roofing include:

  • Fascia: As with several roofing terms, this one reflects building processes that were developed in Italy during the Italian Renaissance. Despite its fancy sounding name, the fascia is just the edge of the cornice. It is usually a band of metal found just below the edge of the roof.
  • Gable: This is one of the more commonly encountered words when talking about roofs. It refers to a simple triangular roof.
  • Rafter: This refers to the sloped, parallel beams used to support a roof.
  • Soffit: This term comes from the word "soffite", a French word for a formed ceiling and is the underside of an eave.
  • Truss: Used for supporting a roof (usually a triangular one), a truss is a "ribbed" framework of beams.

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