Roofs Catch Fire And Live To Tell The Tale!

Shake AlternativeFire is a formidable force; it can reduce years of effort to ashes in a matter of minutes. A random spark can set your house or commercial establishment on fire and you're left with a skeleton of the magnificent structure you used to call home. Yes, fire is not an entity to be messed with. Nature unleashes its power when it wishes to and though it is true that in the face of such fury there is little that can be done, there are always precautions that can be taken beforehand, which would keep the damages to a minimum.

One of the very potent precautions you can take to ensure the safety of your house and its inhabitants is to replace your natural roofing with polymer roofing from DaVinci. Our luxury roofing products have been tested to the Underwriters Laboratories standards and have been awarded with a Class A rating, the highest grade possible, indicating very high resistance to fire.

Many incidences of chain fires, wherein house after house is engulfed in fire, can be attributed to the roofing these houses possess. Before you know it, flying debris from a burning house sets the roof of another on fire and thus a huge fire results.

Not only are our luxury roofs fire resistant, they are also impact and wind resistant. This takes on specific significance when you take into consideration fires accompanied by strong winds; your roof wouldn’t throw pieces of burning roof on other roofs.

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