Say Goodbye to Poor Weather Roof Wear with DaVinci

No matter what Mother Nature dishes out, DaVinci synthetic roofing materials can take it. Heat, wind, rain and hail are no match for our quality roofing tile that is designed, engineered and tested to provide the ultimate in roof protection.

Lightweight Roofing SolutionsWhen comparing our designer roof product to other materials, one thing is certain. Our tile roofs don’t just offer a professional, elegant look. Each individual shingle is manufactured with a unique engineered backing that offers just the right resistance to typical wear found in other roofing material products. Basically, that means our shingles are resistant to bending, curling, cracking, peeling or warping.

Another feature that makes our tile quite popular is the fact that our tiles are embedded with UV stabilizers for color fade resistance. Unlike natural slate or shake, when you install DaVinci shingles to your rooftop, you can rest assured that their beauty and luster will last throughout the years. In addition, home and building owners realize added savings because our tiles are virtually maintenance free, and since they come with a 50 year roof warranty, they do not require frequent replacement or repair like natural slate or shake.

Adding our alternative tiles to your home or commercial building also means having wind, impact and Class A fire rating resistance that help both building owners and the environment. So when bad weather calls, those with our tile rooftops will rest easy knowing that DaVinci has you covered.

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