Shake-ing The Roof

First impressions, as quick and as passing as they may be, are often based on appearances. When it comes to making a solid first impression, it is important to make sure that your appearance is just right -- not too showy and not too plain. First impressions are no different when it comes to your home. Every detail that goes into your home will only contribute to its appearance, and thus, significantly alter the course of any first impression. shake shingle roof

Both DaVinci shake and fancy shake products are designed with style in mind. Hand-split shake, although artificial, will never appear to be so. The fine detail that goes into making each shingle gives it the over-all appearance of being real. Similarly with fancy shake, each shingle is a fake cedar shake, giving it a pristine and clean look.

Because no trees are used in producing our shake shingles, they are environmentally-friendly products that can be recycled as well. DaVinci synthetic cedar shake has been tested to withstand winds hurricane force winds, which is why our products should not be limited to use solely on homes. Any building can benefit from the use of our shake products, whether it's a school, church, or office building.

If our shake products could significantly improve the appearance of your roof, contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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