Shake-ing The Roof

Have you recently installed DaVinci fake shake shingles onto your roof? Did you notice the unique ribbing structure beneath them? Maybe, you are still holding a tile in your hand trying to figure out the weird back as youSynthetic Shake Shingles read this. Here’s an explanation for the “abnormality”.

Have you seen shakes curl, bend or warp during installation or perhaps following hail or high velocity winds? This curling, bending or warping coupled with the beating the tiles might take during a hail storm often requires roofing repairs, an expenditure not welcomed.

However, with our ribbing structures this expenditure is eliminated because this structure ensures rigidity to the shakes. No more curls and bends! Some tend to express concerns regarding exposure of the ribbing structure during installation. Fret not; no unsightly results will come of installing our synthetic shake shingles onto your roof, if the roofer follows the instructions given in the manual.

The rake edges are normally the worst area were exposed rib structure in concerned. To ensure that your roof retains the rigidity the ribbing structure gives without having to compromise on aesthetics, you can opt for our accessory solid shake pieces which will keep the ribbing structure out of sight.

The solid shake accessory pieces help your roof retain their aesthetic value in areas where an exposed rib structure may be an issue. DaVinci polymer roofing is not difficult to install, but should be installed by an experienced roofing contractor. If you still have any questions, contact our customer service department.

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Solid Accessory Shake Tile

Name: Freddy Panes
Time: Monday, October 11, 2010

polymer? wow can it last 30 years or more? convinced me!

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