Shake Installation - One and Two Piece Hip And Ridge Shakes

Fake Cedar ShakeOur simulated shake roofing tile comes with two types of hip and ridge shakes: one-piece and two-piece. Which one is used by your roofing contractor will depend on the pitch of the roof. Roofs with pitches less than 12:12 will look best with one-piece hip and ridge shakes. For roofs with higher pitches, DaVinci recommends the two-piece hip and ridge shakes to cover the hip and ridge areas.

Installation of one-piece hip and ridge shakes:
Two roofing nails are used to secure each one-piece hip and ridge shake. Use nails that can penetrate the roof deck by at least ¾”. At the bottom of the hip, use two pieces of hip and ridge shakes. When you are installing these one-piece hip and ridge fake cedar shake, try to nail them in areas where support is provided by field shakes lying underneath.

Installation of two-piece hip and ridge shakes:
Before you begin installing these shakes, prepare the hips and ridges by using a minimum 6" wide piece of non-corrosive metal, UV stable EPDM or equivalent over the hips and ridges. This metal or EPDM should extend at least three inches from the center point on each side of the hip or ridge.

The installation protocol outlined above is very brief. Refer to the shake installation guide we have on our website for a detailed explanation.  If you don’t understand something or have any questions that you want us to address, don’t hesitate to contact us. Leave a comment below to share your DaVinci experience with our readers.


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