Shawn Bellis of Epic Exteriors in KC Talks "Going Green" with DaVinci's Recycling Program!

Shawn Bellis of Epic Exteriors in Kansas City is one contractor that installs our lightweight roofing systems and regularly recycles.  We love that he does!

Shawn happily shared his experience recycling DaVinci tiles with us in honor of National Recycling Day.

What made you take advantage of DaVinci's recycling program?

DaVinci Recycling ProgramWe recycle at home, so why not recycle at the job site. I have recycled with DaVinci 5 times now.

I originally saw it on the brochure - it's cool that DaVinci openly advertises their recycling program in their literature. The literature says that if you are within 500 miles, that they will make arrangements to bring back waste from jobsites to their plant. (See Recycling Program guidelines for details)

When I went on a plant tour, I was even more motivated to recycle because they showed me the starters made from recycled tiles. However, it's important to distinguish DaVinci's recycled starters are different than their field tiles that are made with virgin polymers.

Do you think that DaVinci's recycling program is easy to follow?

It is easy, and I have already started to implement a process in my company to make it even more convenient.

One way to make it easier would be to have the distributor send a box for recycling with the material for the job. You could put a recycling sticker on it so folks on the jobsite know it's for recycling material.

I always ask for an empty box - the one that the polymer pellets come in - to be shipped each time I get my job order. (If you wish to recycle on your next job ask your distributor to request recycling boxes when order is placed, DaVinci will ship boxes with your order.)

Explaining to installers the importance of recycling is important or they won't respect the program - we have instilled it in our guys. We always put the empty box (where we will put the recycled pieces) centralized on the job site. An added benefit for me is it saves my company from paying for the dump fees.

For the contractor, collecting the recycled pieces gives you the ability to really break down what the waste is. It has allowed me to really verify that the material truly is low waste.

Also, in my opinion, someone that takes the time to recycle at the jobsite will also take the time for good craftsmanship on your job.

Do other roof manufacturer's have similar programs?

There are no other manufactures that I know of that have a recycling program.

Asphalt roofs can be recycled to roads - that's at the dump, not at the manufacturer, though.

Do you tell your clients that DaVinci's simulated slate roofing and simulated shake roofing can be recycled?  Does that matter to them as a home or building owner?

Absolutely - that's what makes me stand out from other qualified installers that install DaVinci - none of them are recycling, so it helps to sell it. 

You can read more about Shawn and his thoughts about our lightweight roofing solutions in the Interview with Shawn Bellis of Epic Exteriors that he did with us for our blog.

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