Should Composite Roofing Materials Be Used on Historic Structures?

Lightweight Roofing SystemsSome buildings and houses stand out for their historic value. Built during nearly forgotten times, their architecture bears witness to the past. It gives communities a glimpse into life from another time and the rich history that surrounds a place. With good reason, such structures need to be preserved and showcased for their historical merit. However, one of the main difficulties in preserving and maintaining such homes and buildings stems from the same main reason for keeping them around. Those structures are old and, like most things that have been around for more than a century, they need repairs.

The roofs of such historic structures are particularly susceptible to damage, and the materials that were originally used can present challenges to their preservation. Wooden shingles might be difficult to come by, or could even be illegal according to present day fire codes. The same goes for shake. And the same type of slate that was used on the original roof might cost a fortune to acquire and install. Fortunately, improvements in polymer roofing materials have made them a viable option for maintaining historical roofs. All efforts should be made to preserve the authenticity of historical roofs but if the materials are impossible to acquire, it's better to replace them with extremely similar composite tiles than not fixing the roof at all.

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