Simulated Shake Shingles Never Surrender to Weather Conditions

There isn’t any doubt that a shake roof adds old world style and charm to the exterior of homes and buildings. But what many building owners don’t realize until the cedar shakes have already been installed is that they are subject to damage under intense weather conditions such as hail and extreme winds.  Impact damage can create cracking and splitting while heavy winds from thunderstorms, tornados and hurricanes are able to rip natural wood shakes right off a roof top. Insects also enjoy feasting on its wood flavored bounty, and building owners must work extra hard to keep the shakes clean and maintained.

With our cedar shake alternative roofing tiles, worrying about whether your roof can protect your valuable building investment is a thing of the past. Our simulated shake roofing is made from polymer resins that have all the appearance of their natural shake counterpart without the need for additional expense or time necessary for cleaning and maintenance. You will also appreciate that all of our roofs come complete with a 50 year warranty. That is something you will never find with a real cedar shake roof.

DaVinci Shake roofing tiles also offer something that is unheard of for a wood shake roof. Proven test results demonstrating their resistance to impact and wind along with Class A fire rating. In fact, the following video demonstrates the burning brand test commonly used to classify a fire rating for roofing.

You’ll see for yourself why contractors recommend our simulated shake and slate roofing products to their clients. Submit your inquiry online to receive additional information about DaVinci roof tiles from our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives.

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