Slate Installation: Before You Start

Lightweight TilesIf you’ve bought one of our DaVinci Slate lightweight roofing systems (Thank you!) and have hired a roofing contractor to install it onto your roof – pause! Answer the following:

  1. Is your roofing contractor familiar with DaVinci?
  2. Has your contractor installed DaVinci lightweight roofing solutions before?

Depending on the answers to the questions above, you might want your roofer to read our installation guides - we have one specifically for each product that we carry.

Before a roofing contractor starts to install DaVinci Slate, for example, he or she will want to:

  • Ensure that the installation surface is smooth and flat. All previous roofing material should be removed. If imperfections remain at this stage, they’ll carry over to the finished roof.  Check out this post by Tim Gentry that shows how just a slightly warped plywood board can cause all the shingles to lift.
  • In regions where temperatures dip below 25°F or where ice formation is an issue, the roof should be covered with an ice and water shield, before your roofer begins installing the slate.
  • A layer of 30# ASTM D 226 underlayment is required in addition to the ice and water shield to gain a Class A roof installation with our slate product. (See guide for requirements on all other products)

Download a copy of the slate installation guide from our website. Get in touch with us regarding any questions that you might have.

If you have installed DaVinci’s lightweight roofing materials on your roof, share your experience with our readers by commenting below.

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