Slate Installation – Hips And Ridges

Fake SlateOur slate installation guide available on our website will help your roofing contractor correctly install the DaVinci slates you've purchased.

One of the most important part of the installation process is the installation of slates on hips and ridges.

Hips and ridges are the last parts that are tackled by your roofing contractor when he installs the fake slate tiles on your roof. Before installing tiles on a hip or a ridge, it is required that they be covered with a non-corrosive metal (minimum 6”), UV stable EPDM, or equivalent.

DaVinci SlateOnce the covering is installed and the contractor is ready to start with slate installation, you can proceed in one of two ways with the installation:

Standard Hip and Ridge Installation: DaVinci Slate Hip and Ridge is installed as a double course at the bottom of the hip. In this method the top portion of the under-slate should be cut so that it only covers the first course of field slates. The second course is then installed without cutting.
Alternate Hip and Ridge Installation: Unlike the standard installation, this method requires cutting the corner hip and ridge slates in a manner that allows them to lie flush along the side of the eaves and thus ensuring that they do not hang over the eaves. For detailed, diagrammatic explanation, refer to the installation guide. You can also watch Tim's Tips on how to install a Boston Hip.

If you’d like to share your DaVinci Installation experience with our readers or even give readers an idea for the synthetic slate cost of such a roofing system in your area, please do leave a comment below.  For product enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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