Slate Installation – Straight Vs Staggered Coursing

Fake SlateWhen you have decided on our lightweight roofing tiles, you then need to choose to install them in two ways: either straight or staggered. Based on which coursing you wish to adapt, your roofing contractor will have to follow slightly different installing procedures as outlined below.

Straight Coursing
The slates should be installed one at a time and each one should be secured with two nails. The first course of slates will be laid directly on the starter tiles. The slates come sorted to the installation site according to color (if you ordered one of our famous color blends) and size and this sorting allows your contractor to install lightweight tiles rack-wise. Use the slates as they come out of the bundle. This will ensure that same-size shingles do not lie on top of one another. There should be a gap of 3/8” between adjacent slates. You can use chalk lines to ensure that the slates are in perfect horizontal alignment.

Staggered Coursing
Fake SlateFor a staggered coursing, our lightweight roofing tiles do not stay aligned in a regular manner. The first course of tiles is installed on top of the starter tiles. The next course will be installed such that the tiles are alternately placed aligned with the horizontal alignment and one inch below it. This staggered arrangement is what gives this kind of installation its name.  To get an idea of how this is done - check out this blog post about Installing DaVinci Lightweight Tiles With a Staggered Pattern.

If you want to get a detailed understanding of straight and staggered course slate installation for your eco friendly roof, download our slate installation guide from our website. If you have questions that are not answered by the guides, you can contact us and we’ll help you.

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