Slate Installation – Tips And Tricks

Fake SlateDaVinci roofs on several establishments have stood the test of time. The secret of a successful long-term stint for any roofing material is not only its quality, but also the way it has been installed. DaVinci’s lightweight roofing solutions are as perfect as they come. Thus, the only thing needed to bring perfection to your eco friendly roof is a good roofing contractor who can do the installation job well.

Here are some tips and tricks you'll find in our installation guides, in order to make slate installations simpler, faster and more error-proof:

  1. Place starter tiles 3/8” apart, irrespective of whether you are installing the slates straight or staggered. This spacing will take care of the expansion that the tiles will undergo when the weather is warm.
  2. Slates that have already been installed may get damaged as you move up the roof. You can put some covering, such as a cut slate below the scaffolding brackets to ensure that no marring of the slates below takes place.
  3. When you draw chalk lines to determine horizontal alignment, ensure that the line is drawn on the underlayment and not on the lightweight tiles, else you may end up damaging them.
  4. Avoid cutting slates when you reach the gable end of the course. Instead choose between the different sizes of slates available and alter the distance between slates to cover the area near the gable end.
  5. We recommend Carbide tooth blades for cutting the slates as the blade tends to last longer.

To get more information about the installation procedure, download our slate installation guide.

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