Slate Roof Alternatives

Natural slate roofing on buildings is naturally good looking, and contractors often use Ligthweight Roofing Systemsnatural slate because of its durability during inclement weather in addition to its lasting beauty. But one of the factors that can make slate roofs impractical for the average home or building owner is the expensive cost of the material and then the required maintenance expense to keep maintain it over the years.

Because slate is mined and also requires care when handling to avoid breaks in the tile, the installation cost coupled with the materials and care might cause some property owners to take pause. While having the best rooftop is a priority, choosing materials that can destroy your budget in the process isn’t always the better route to take.

That’s where slate roofing alternatives such as our synthetic slate tiles can make truly make a difference. Our slate alternative shingles provide all the performance of natural slate with an added bonus of impact resistant properties that will offer more durability and avoid breakage that is common to natural materials. Our roofing tiles also offer the beauty property owners prefer with virtually no maintenance required to keep the tiles looking great. Considering the tiles come with our 50 year warranty, you can rest assured that both the appearance and strength will last for years to come.

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