Slating The Roof

If you wish to install slate shingles on to your roof, how about opting for fake slate shingles instead of the high maintenance natural ones? We, at DaVinci have the following slate product lines that stand a class apart where roofing products are concerned:

Fake SlateSingle-Width Valoré: These synthetic slates shingles are available in one standard size, but in a variety of colors as per your choice. If none of the colors we have catch your fancy, try our color blend technology to select your perfect blend.

Multi-Width DaVinci: With up to eight different color tones per blend, the natural variation in your roofing installation will ensure a very authentic feel to your roof. If you have a blend in mind which you can’t find in our palette, do get in touch with us to discuss your custom color.

Bellaforté: How do you fancy self aligning tiles which ensure your roofing is done within a very short span of time? That's with our Bellaforte fake slates. Natural and aesthetic in appearance these tiles boast of all the attributes that characterize DaVinci products.

Wind, impact and fire resistant, DaVinci slates are just the thing for roofs anywhere and everywhere, for natural calamities do not announce their arrival, and though they can't be warded off, we can see to it that the damage they cause is minimized.

Get your questions answered by getting in touch with our customer service department. Have you installed DaVinci slates on your roof? Share your experience with us by commenting below.

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