Snow Guards for Your Roofs

Luxury RoofEach one of us has enjoyed the pristine beauty of winter and welcomed the peace snow filled evenings bring. But even as the snow falls silently around, thundering noises of accumulated snow falling off your roof can spoil the peace of the evening and give you a mini-heart attack.

It is not so much the shock of hearing the snow falling off that's worrisome, what is really scary is the prospect of someone being there at the spot where the snow fell off. It could be anyone, a member of your household, a neighbor or even a stranger passing by.

Do you live with this scary thought at the back of your mind throughout each winter and get startled and worried each time snow slides of your roof? There’s no reason to go on risking your peace of mind and someone else’s life or limb anymore. To prevent the snow avalanches from your roof, snow guards can be easily installed on to your DaVinci roof and they’ll ensure sustained melting of the accumulated snow. No more thundering noises and worried thoughts!

Irrespective of the version of DaVinci polymer roofing your house graces, snow guards can be installed with minimum fuss and provide maximum protection. Also, since they come in different shapes and colors, you will be spoiled with choices when you look for something that would look best on your roof. Imitation slate shingles or synthetic shake shingles, no matter what your roof is made up of, snow guards will help snow stay put.

Here’s to a peaceful winter!

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