Snowguards For Next Season?

Steep Sloop RoofingIn many parts of the country, there are places where it is still snowing.  However, the majority of the country is experiencing the first signs of Spring with the birds chirping and the smell of the fresh Spring air rolling in.

If you had a lot of snow this past winter and your roof didn't have snowguards, then you may have had an accident or two.

In the photo to the left, there is example of a roof that is in need of snowguards - see how the snow is coming off the roof, almost in a sheet like formation?  You can also see how the melting snow is causing an ice dam in the bottom corner on top of the gutter.  This is dangerous because the gutter isn't meant to hold this kind of weight.  Not only is it dangerous but it also puts your home in jeopardy, because messing up your gutters could be extra water in your basement!

With snowguards, the snow would stay in place and melt slowly over time.

However, what happens in a situation like the one above is that the snow comes tumbling down or flying off the steep slope roofing not only causing damage to things like the home's gutters, but can also cause damage to established plantings below.

DaVinci recommends Alpine Snowguards to be used with all of our products.  You can just in touch with Alpine Snowguards by phoning them toll free at 888-766-4273.

Would you like to learn more about our green roofing options?  Please reach out to us to learn more about our lightweight roofing tiles.

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