Solid Shake For A Solid Roof

Luxury RoofIf your roof sports natural or any other synthetic shake, basically anything other than DaVinci polymer roofing products, you'd have noticed that the shakes tend to curl, bend or warp during installation, or on exposure to high velocity winds or hail. To say that replacing these roofing products is a pain, is an understatement.

However, with DaVinci shakes you can be rest assured that the shingles adorning your roof will retain their structure, come wind, hail or sunshine. This is because of a uniquely designed ribbing structure which is on the back of the shingles that maintains its rigidity.

The DaVinci installation guides accompanying the DaVinci shakes you buy will explain how the tiles are to be installed. There are tricks that ensure the ribbing structure stays out of sight and still performs its functions admirably. However, it is expected that the ribbing structure of the shingles might show up in some areas of your roof. If your installer can't work around it, we have accessory solid shake tiles which serve to cover up those areas without a glitch.

Rake edges are normally the worst areas where ribbing structure exposure is concerned. Substituting the ribbing structure shakes with solid ones in those areas will ensure aesthetically appeasing areas of your roof all around.

Solid Tile Flared Rake

If you have trouble installing our synthetic shake shingles on your roof, you can get in touch with our customer service department and they’ll help you out.

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