Solid Slates – Aesthetics Preserved

We, at DaVinci, try to ensure that every product that leaves our door is the epitome of functionality and beauty. Contributing in every sense to the carefully designed beauty of your establishment, whether residential or commercial, is what drives the designing of our polymer roofing products. Not only are our roofs aesthetically appealing, they are better functionally then any other synthetic roofing material on the market and when compared to natural roofing, DaVinci roofs win hands down.

Fake SlateIn our continuous quest for functional perfection, we have a ribbing structure on the back of our slate shingles that lends the slates a tenacity that is incomparable with any other roofing product. This ribbing structure helps the shingle maintain its rigidity and weather hail, wind and snow. If you do not use DaVinci products, then you might have noticed the curling and bending of fake slate during installation or on wind or hail impact because they are not protected with a ribbing structure.

Curling and bending is non-occurrence as far as DaVinci imitation slate shingles are concerned. Sounds perfectly fine, right? There is a minor problem however that might stare you in the face when you start installing our ribbed slates onto your roof, that is concealing the ribbing structure. If installed correctly and in keeping with the guidelines given in the installation manual, there should be no probelm.

However, in some areas, especially the rake edges you might find the ribbing structure aesthetically troublesome. Here’s where our solid slates step in helping to conceal the ribbing structure. Sold as accessory pieces, these solid slates are an indispensable part of your polymer roofing, because they not only ensure that your roof stays aesthetically sound, they also ensure correct functionality of the remaining shingles.

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