Solid Slates For Solid Roofs

Have you noticed that there are certain things that seem to have no catch, that are perfectly fine whichever way you look at them? Our polymer roofing products are one of these…well, almost!

If you are the observant type, or even if you aren’t, you couldn’t have missed the ribbed structure that makes an appearance at the back of DaVinci fake slates when you went about installing them on your roof. We aren’t trying to make any style statements! This ribbed structure Slate Roof Alternativesplays a very vital role in maintaining the rigidity of the polymer roofing tiles.

In the face of hail or strong winds, or even during installation, most other roofing products tend to curl or break. Not so with DaVinci. The ribbed structure ensures that the shingles lining your roof maintain their status quo and do not yield to the forces of nature.

Now, before you rush off to buy some DaVinci fake slates to adorn your roof, heed a bit of advice; buy a few accessory solid slate pieces as well. This is the catch that was spoken of in the beginning. The significance of this purchase will present itself to you when you are installing Davinci shingles onto your roof or when you are done installing.

The ribbed structure might show up at some places, especially at the rake edges. Here’s where the solid slates will come in handy to conceal the ribbing. Your roof remains aesthetically and functionally intact.

Do you have DaVinci solid tiles on your roof?  How do they look?  Please feel free to leave a comment below about them!

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