Solving Roof Issues with Tim Gentry Part One

At DaVinci, we get questions about everything from "Do I have to use Snowguards on a DaVinci roof?" to "What are those small circles on the Bellaforté tiles?". To solve roofing installation issues and answer technical questions, we rely on our Vice President of Technical Services, Tim Gentry. A veteran roofing contractor, Tim has installed numerous roofs and his knowledge provides answers from someone with both technical expertise and hands on experience. 

Tim has shared his technical know-how many times. Below are just a few of the tips Tim has passed along to make installation of our tiles as seemless as possible.

  • Installing DaVinci Tiles with No WasteI often get calls from contractors about how much waste they should add to their bid when figuring multi-width DaVinci Slate or DaVinci Simulated Shake roofing products. Although I don't know how often I'm believed, my answer is "there is no waste on a hip roof and one square for every 100 lineal feet of valley on a gable roof". Installing DaVinci tiles with no waste is... Read Full Blog

  • DaVinci Shake Rake Alternative: I personally like to use a rake tile on gable ends when installing the new DaVinci synthetic cedar shake called Bellaforté Shake. It makes the tiles easy to install because the installer doesn’t need to be too concerned with how... Read Full Blog 



  • Mysterious New Circles: Lately I have been getting the same question over and over. What are those four circles that have recently shown up just below the nailing area on the Bellaforté Slate? What answer do you think is correct...   Read Full Blog 



To get more tips from Tim, follow his blog "Up on the Roof".

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Name: Mark Magws
Time: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

at a roof transition from low slope to steep slope, say a 4/12 to 10/12 what is the recommendation at the slope change??
Name: Tim Gentry
Time: Thursday, August 20, 2015


DaVinci Slate or Shake can bend through the transition between 4:12 and 10:12 if the pitch change is at all gradual with no flashing required. For Bellaforté products or if the change of pitch is very abrupt it is generally better to terminate the installation at the change of pitch, install a header flashing, then install new starter and begin the roof as if it were on the eave.


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