Solving Roof Issues with Tim Gentry - Part Two

Tim Gentry, Vice President of Technical Services at DaVinci Roofscapes, has a wealth of knowledge to share about roofs, roof installation, and testing of our products. His expertise comes from years spent installing roofs all across the Midwest and in Tahoe, NV. Tim shares his first hand knowledge regularly on our blog. Below are more of "Tim's Tips" we hope you find helpful.   

  • The Dreaded MoldIf you make changes to an older home to make it more energy efficient and you live in a climate where it gets cold in the winter, you probably should make changes to the attic ventilation as well. Homes that were built before the energy crisis of the 1970's rarely had moisture ( and mold)  issues related to ventilation. Back when I was a kid houses breathed. There weren’t double and triple paned windows, weather stripping was rare, and homeowners didn’t shoot expandable foam into every nook and cranny. Take one of those old homes and tighten it up everywhere and suddenly ... Read Full Blog 




  • Baby It's Cold OutsideOur engineered resin system is designed so that the tiles remain flexible in cold temperatures and can usually be installed in temperatures as cold as 20 degrees F. When installing DaVinci Slate and our composite Shake in cold temperatures you must make sure that the tiles have been stored flat and are flat when installed. You must make certain that the space between tiles is at a very minimum 3/16”.... Read Full Blog





  • Class A Fire RatingWhat does a class A fire rating mean on a roofing product mean? It means that the roof covering has undergone extensive fire testing using the ASTM E 108 test standard at the Class A level. Class A is the best classification available.

    For polymer roof coverings there are three tests.... 
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To get more tips from Tim, follow his blog "Up on the Roof".



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