Staggered and Straight Lightweight Roofing Solutions Installations

Since our lightweight roofing solutions are one piece roofing tiles, the majority of them can be laid in either a straight or staggered installation pattern.  The only exception, of course, would be our Bellaforté, which is laid straight due to it's interlocking mechanism.

But if you go with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate, Fancy Shake, Single-Width Valoré Shake, Single-Width Valoré Slate or Multi-Width Shake then you can choose to have the tiles laid straight or staggered.

Which one you go with really depends on 3 things:

  1. What you want
  2. The architectural style of your home
  3. Your budget

Some homes, like Georgian-style homes, just call for a straight coursing roof whereas Tudor-style homes look great with a staggered coursing. Staggered coursings do require more material and therefore your synthetic roof cost will be slightly more.

Here's what a straight coursing looks like - all the tiles are aligned at the butt end.

Straight Coursing of Valore Slate

Here's what a staggered coursing looks like. The tiles vary in alignment - they are staggered, in other words.

Slate staggered

Are you a contractor looking for tips on how to install DaVinci lightweight roofing systems with a staggered installation?  You can learn some tips here about how to install a staggered pattern with chalk lines.

Has your customer requested something a little bit different than what our installation guide recommends? Of course, we are used to contractors experimenting with our tiles. Check out this funky stagger pattern that a contractor in Colorado did.  Here's a double stagger in our DaVinci Multi Width Slate in Aberdeen blend - how fun is this?

DaVinci Multi Width Slate in Aberdeen - Double Stagger

Need further help?  Download our slate installation guide from our website to learn more about the details of straight and staggered installations.

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