Staggered vs. Straight

One of the very neat things about our lightweight roofing tiles is that they are individual tiles, therefore allowing you to decide whether or not you would like to have them installed on a straight coursing or a staggered coursing.

Here are a few images that I stole from our slate installation guide, so you can get an idea of what it looks like:
DaVinci Slate Straight Coursing
So here's an example of what this ends up looking like on your DaVinci eco friendly roof:
Straight Coursing with DaVinci Slate

Here's the staggered version of the coursing (from the installation guide again):
Staggered Coursing with DaVinci Multi-Width Slate

And then here's what it actually looks like on a roof:
Staggered Coursing with DaVinci Multi Width Slate

I have to admit that I am partial to the staggered look - it just looks more elegant in my opinion; however, with that said, there are certain styles of homes and buildings that simply don't look right with a staggered coursing.  The particular one that comes to mind is a Georgian style home and that's because traditionally they have always had roofs that are laid in a straight coursing.

If you are a roofer and would like to get a more detailed explanation of how straight and staggered coursings work with our lightweight tiles, then you can check out all of our technical downloads - the installation guides in particular will cover the different coursing options.

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