Straight Or Staggered – That Is The Question

Composite Slate Roof - StraightIf you’ve decided to adorn the roof of your house with DaVinci polymer roofing, we are happy to have you as our customer. With the options we have on board, you might not be able to come to a decision easily – they’ll all seem worth buying to you! In that case you could get in touch with our customer service department for help with your selection.

Before you place an order with us, you’ll need to decide how you plan to install your imitation slate shingles – staggered (pictured below in our Shake product) or straight (this configuration is pictured above in our Slate product)? Your choice would influence the number of shingles you need and hence you might be required to state which style you plan to use. We can thus ensure that you have sufficient tiles when you begin installation. If you can’t choose on one of the two patterns, here are some pointers that should help you in your decision:

Simulated Shake Roofing in Stagger Configuration1. Home décor style: If you have a specific home décor style, your decision might already be made, as some styles specifically require either staggered or straight coursing. For instance, colonial style homes call for straight coursing.

2. The cost factor: Opting for straight course installation costs slightly lesser than staggered coursing. It is simply because staggered coursing requires more tiles.

3. Your roof, your choice: If you happen to like one coursing over the other, there’s no need to stick to norms or looks, for after all it's your roof, you can choose to install the shingles as you wish.

DaVinci luxury roofing products are the best you can get – straight or staggered installation notwithstanding. Have something to say? Feel free to use the comment box!

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