Straight vs. Staggered Installation of DaVinci Tiles

DaVinci Slate Black laid in Staggered PatternOne of the many things that needs to be taken into consideration when installing a new roof is how the tiles will be laid. Do you go for a roof with staggered tiles or do you want them installed in straight lines? The answer to that question really depends on how much you want to spend, the style of your home or business, and your personal preference. 

Tudor-style homes tend to look better with a staggered installation. It gives such homes a distinguished, classic appearance reminiscent of old Tudor homes that used slate of varying widths. Use DaVinci slate tiles and the main difference between your roof and the stone slate roofs of older Tudor homes will be cost (DaVinci is less expensive), color (more options with DaVinci), and maintenance (much less with DaVinci).

DaVinci Slate in Straight CoursingAs for straight coursing, this style seems to fit in well with Georgian-style or the more modern type of homes. The straight lines of the roofing tiles give such homes a particularly neat and orderly appearance. Since straight coursing requires less material than staggered coursing, it also costs a bit less. 

Whether you choose staggered or straight coursing for your DaVinci roof, most of our tiles can be installed either way. The one exception is with our Bellaforté tiles. Due to their interlocking mechanism, they can only be installed in straight lines.

Do you have a staggered or straight DaVinci roof? Please send us your photos to share on the blog!

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