Summer Weather And DaVinci

"Being safe and secure comes as a result of selecting the right building products for your home," says Ray Rosewall, president and CEO of DaVinci Roofscapes. And, indeed, it does. Ensuring the safety of your home and those who reside in it is critical and can only be done by using the best products on the line of roofing.

luxury roof from 
davinciCEO Rosewall continues, "There were 1,156 tornadoes recorded in 2009 nationwide plus countless hail storms resulting from severe weather. The force of hail hitting a low impact roof can completely destroy it within minutes. If you live in the Midwest or another geographic area subject to strong storms and hail, then you have to seriously consider investing in an impact-resistant synthetic roof to protect your home."

Since 1999, DaVinci Roofscapes has manufactured award-winning synthetic slate and shake roofing, both of which can be beneficial during the stormy summer months. The polymer roofing tiles, which are completely recyclable and have a fifty-year warranty, do not even require maintenance to keep their quality. Also, DaVinci synthetic products are designed with price in mind, as well, resulting in their being more cost effective than the natural product.

Would you like to learn how a DaVinci roof can protect your home?  Please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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