Sustainable Lightweight Roofing Solutions

Green roofs have become seriously popular since their conception, and why not? A sustainable roof helps in providing a safe, clean environment for your children, grandchildren, and generations to come, plus can help to reduce energy costs for both home and business. It's a wise investment and if the roofing materials are light in weight, they also earn points for reducing carbon emissions related to transportation costs.

The light weight of our products makes them a great sustainable roofing option without taking away such benefits as high fire and wind ratings. Even though our tiles are lighter than natural slate, they are just as strong and require less maintenance. All of those combined features lets us offer a 50 year warranty, and assures the roof on your home or business is going to look beautiful for decades.

Another way that our products earn a "sustainable sticker" is because they are recyclable. The tiles are made with virgin resin (and thus avoid issues associated quarrying or logging), waste from the job site and tiles older than 50 years can be returned to our plant for recycling.

Watch this brief video to see Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit show talking about some of the benefits that come from using our tiles.

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