Synthetic Slate Cost More Than Just the Price of Roofing Tile

Calculating synthetic slate cost for a roof involves more than just finding out the price of the tile. The cost of a installing a new roof not only includes tools, installation, underlayment materials and flashing but such factors as weight, energy savings and maintenance as well. 

Synthetic Slate CostThe weight of our lightweight roofing tile allows the property owners to spend less on shipping costs. Savings are also seen in labor costs because the tiles can be laid more quickly and do not require any special installation techniques.

Energy Savings
Because our Cool Roof roofing tiles help to reflect sunlight and heat away from your property, there are energy savings benefits as well.

When comparing our slate alternative to natural slate, the maintenance cost difference is significant. Our DaVinci roof is virtually maintenance free so there will be less expense once our roof is installed as compared to slate or shake roofs.  Also because of the tile’s wind, fire and impact resistance, additional savings may be realized from your insurance carrier - many give discounts for Class A, Class 4 and more.

While you will be happy to know our roof is durable enough to weather just about anything nature brings at it, you also want the underlayment and flashing to last just as long. Making sure that each component of the project is long lasting and resistant to weather and moisture is vital to protecting your property and ensuring your satisfaction with the quality of the roof tile and accessories.

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