Synthetic Slate Roof with Red Brick House

The red brick school house is a classic icon from yesteryear that many artists still depict in art and paintings today. With that image firmly etched in the collective mind of style throughout the nation, many homeowners today want to replicate that effect when they construct or purchase a red brick house.

Synthetic Slate Roof with Red Brick HouseChoosing colors to complement your home exterior is a valuable endeavor meant to show the world outside your own personal style. When deciding on a roof color for your red brick home, it is necessary to look at how the roof color will complement the red brick and landscaping surrounding the home.

For eye catching appeal, red brick always makes a great pairing with gray, charcoal or black synthetic slate roofs. The dark colors lend a sophisticated air that helps anchor the home visually and provide a dramatic effect especially when paired with accent colors on the door and trim. Additionally some bricks will have a red background with different cast that provides subtle shading of color that isn’t necessarily bright red. Consideration should be made about this shading to determine if another color roof might be more appropriate. Some slate styles have a variegated effect that allows for a blend of colors that might be more fitting than just flat charcoal, gray or black lightweight roofing tiles.

The synthetic slate cost for roofing is quite affordable, and DaVinci Roofscapes offers a palette of colors to choose from that will surely provide the fashionable color and style you desire for your red brick home. Whether choosing from our slate or shake shingles, our color designer can help you pick the best color sustainable roofing shingle for your home.

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