Technical Specifications: Multi-Width DaVinci Slate

There are several advantages to using imitation slate tiles (but not a rubber slate roof, for example).  Usually, using fake slate in constructing a home's roof is less costly, yet it features the same appearance and durability as a real slate roof.  

Fake SlateDaVinci Multi-Width Slate tiles are available in five standard widths.  The 6-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch slates all have a length of 18 inches and a thickness of ½ inch at the butt and 1/8 inch at the top.

Our hip, ridge and starter slate tiles are available in bundles of 20 for the 6-inch (best used over a ridge vent), the 7-inch (standard ridge) and the 12-inch (starter).

At a 6-inch exposure, the 20 6-inch ridge vent tiles will cover 5 lineal feet with 4 pieces per lineal feet.  Likewise, the 7-inch standard bundle will also cover the same area at 6-inch exposure.  For the 12-inch starter the 20 tiles can cover 20 lineal feet with one tile per lineal feet.

We have calculated the number of tiles expected to be used depending on the coursing of the slates, the maximum exposure for each tile, the bundles and the shingles per square and the weight per square.  These calculations are done while taking into consideration a 3/8 inch gap between shingles.

Imitation Slate Shingles - Straight CoursingFor a straight coursing, at 7.5 inch maximum exposure, there will be 7 bundles per square weighing 273 pounds per square.

For a staggered coursing at 7-inch maximum exposure, 7.5 bundles per square will weigh 293 pounds.

With a maximum exposure of 6 inches, either a straight or a staggered coursing will weigh 342 pounds.

For more information about the tests done on our products and our shipping procedures, feel free to contact us.

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