Technical Specifications: Single-Width Valoré Shake

Wood Shake RoofIt is no longer necessary for home builders, building owners or homeowners to look for natural cedar and other prime pieces of wood if they would like the look of a wood shake roof.  In many cities and states where the use of green roofing materials is encouraged, using real wood roofing is frowned upon because of its impact to the environment.

But this doesn’t mean that the rustic yet simple wooden roof effect is eliminated as an option when building homes.  Home builders just need to look for a good cedar shake alternative, which can simulate the look and feel of real shakes.

The DaVinci Single-width Valore Shake is 9” wide and 22” long.  It is 5/8” at the thickest part and 1/4” at the tip.

Composite ShakeThe 6” Hip and Ridge Standard is available in 20 pieces per bundle, with each bundle covering 8.33 lineal feet.  Likewise, a 10 piece/bundle of the one-piece Hip and Ridge also covers 8.33 lineal feet.  Our 12” Valley Shingle has 10 pieces per bundle, which covers 4.3 lineal feet.  The 12” Starter has 20 pieces and can be used for 20 lineal feet.

At 3/8” gap between shingles, using straight coursing, the roof will weigh 283 pounds per square.  At the same gap and while using staggered coursing, its weight is 315 pounds per square.

If you are placing your order or having it delivered, please note that a bundle of 22 shingles will weigh 41 pounds, a pallet of 990 shingles will weigh 1845 pounds, and a truckload of 23,760 shingles will weigh 44, 280 pounds.

Our DaVinci Single-Width Valore Shakes have undergone the required tests for synthetic shakes - check out the type of test, the standard and the results our shakes received below:

  • Fire Test, ASTM E 108, Class A or Class C
  • Impact Test, UL 2218, Class 4
  • Wind Test, ASTM D 3161, Certified to 110 MPH

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