Tests Done on Multi-Width DaVinci Slate

Fake SlateUsing standard-looking slate tiles is one of the strategies in building an environmentally-friendly roof.  It is no longer necessary to use tiles from real sedimentary rocks to create that simple yet elegant look on a roof, which is a popular architectural trend in many cities in the United States and Europe.

Aside from the environmental advantage of using a manufactured slate tile for roofing, the synthetic slate cost is also reasonably lower than that of real slate.

Fake Slate - DaVinci Slate in Aberdeen on a double staggerFor average people, it is difficult to determine real slate from fake slate once they have been installed.  DaVinci Multi-Width Slate, made from virgin polymers, have the same color and texture as that of the natural rock tiles.

Multi-Width DaVinci Slates are available in widths of 6-, 7-, 9-, 10-, or 12- inches.  All of them are ½ inch at the thickest point and 1/8 inch on the other end.  All of our tiles are 18-inch long.

Our hip, ridge and starter tiles are packaged at 20 tiles per bundle.  With a recommended 6 inch exposure, our 6- and 7-inch tiles can cover 5 lineal feet per bundle, while our 12-inch starter can cover 20 feet per bundle.

We also have 4-inch pieces for turrets and 9-inch pieces for the ridge.

To give you a background on the weight of the slates, we have computed the weight per square depending on the type of coursing used.

Fake SlateFor a straight coursing, at 3/8 inch gap, the slates will weigh 273 pounds per square.  At the same gap for a staggered coursing, the shingles will weigh 293 pounds per square.

We pack our shingles in bundles of 30 weighing 29 pounds per bundle.  We also ship per pallets with 1,440 shingles or by truckload with 34,560 shingles.

Our shingles have also undergone the recommended industry tests.  Here is a listing of the tests, the standards and then the level that DaVinci Slate achieved:

  • Fire Test, ASTM E 108, Class A
  • Impact Test, UL 2218, Class 4
  • Wind Test, ASTM D 3161, Certified to 110 MPH

For information on the designs of our synthetic roof tiles and how they actually look once installed, please feel free to get in touch with us or browse our website.

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