The 3 Parts To a DaVinci Slate Bundle

DaVinci Slate BundleHave you ever seen a DaVinci Slate bundle?  They sure are funny looking.  While they have a strange appearance, they absolutely have purpose.

Are you still wondering what a bundle is?  That's fine too!  We can help you understand roofing, if it's your first time roofing a building or a home, or your third time; we know it isn't something you work with every day, so that's why we are here to help.

A bundle is how we sell our shingles, much like you'd buy a case of product from another manufacturer.  So a roofer will measure your roof in squares (1 square = 100 square feet) and then depending on whether you want your roof to have a staggered pattern or a straight pattern, there are so many of our bundles that need to go on the number of squares for your environmentally friendly roof.

There are three parts to a DaVinci Slate Bundle:

1. Color Blend.  We offer 9 different color blends.  When you order your roof, we ask what color blend.  The color blend is important, as we need to know how many of each shingle and how many of each width to put in the bundle.  Which brings us to the second part of a DaVinci Slate bundle...

2. Multi-Width.  A DaVinci Slate roof has 5 different widths of shingles.  We mix the bundle then according to the width of the shingle and the color of the shingle.

3. Collation.  By mixing or collating the bundle, we are able to ensure that the color blend you order will look like the color blend you saw when you ordered the roof.  In other words, it is a guaranteed way that the pattern itself will not be different than what you ordered when you ordered your slate tile roof.

If you'd like to learn more about DaVinci Slate or about any of our other plastic roofing materials, please contact us directly.

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