The Beauty of Being Eco-friendly

Simulated Shake Roofing DetailChoosing an environmentally friendly roof over conventional roofing shows how much you care for the environment. Because of the current state of our environment and all the problems we are having like depleted resources, drastic environmental changes and the accumulation of waste, we have to make sound choices about the materials we use for our home.

An eco-friendly roof is an alternative to a wood shake roof. Many homeowners have started to replace their wooden roofs with materials made of synthetic materials like plastic polymers. This material is 100% recyclable and more durable than wood shakes, for example.

Roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes also help you save energy by relying less on cooling and heating mechanisms in our homes. Because the materials are recyclable, you help save on raw materials and lessen waste products.

DaVinci roof tiles can be recycled and returned to the plant after they reach their expected lifetime of 5 decades. Not only that, the unused parts and scraps in building your roof can also be returned and reprocessed. By choosing eco-friendly roofing, you make your home stay beautiful for a longer period of time while helping save the planet. Eco-friendly roofing combines beauty, practicality, and sustainability into a impressive work of art.

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