The Beauty of Double Staggered Installation

In general, our DaVinci Slate and Shake polymer roof tiles can be installed in either staggered or straight lines. While straight Lightweight Roofing Systemscoursing costs a bit less, staggered coursing doesn't cost a great deal more and makes for creative and beautiful pattern on the roof. A DaVinci standard staggered tile pattern refers to tiles that are laid in lines where the butts of the tiles vary by a maximum of one inch from adjacent tiles. Some roofers have taken the staggered installation a step further by placing tiles randomly with up to a two-inch stagger. The result is referred to as a "double stagger" and it creates a unique pattern that mimics stone slate roofs that use tiles of varying widths. This double stagger requires more tiles than a standard stagger.

Straight, single staggered, and double staggered roofs are all possible when using most DaVinci tiles because individual tiles are used rather than lines of connected tiles. It also helps that our tiles are designed to be easily installed on most sloped roof types, including turrets. The many color combinations possible with a DaVinci roof add another dimension to beauty of a double staggered roof. .

Do you have a beautiful double staggered DaVinci roof? Please send us your photos to share on the blog!

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