The DaVinci Roof – A Luxury Roof for the Architect

A DaVinci Roofscapes roof is a designer roof that ends up being one of luxury for an architect. 

Whether you are an architect that is focused on green roof systems or an architect simply looking for the best designer roof that you can offer your client, DaVinci is the way to go.

Reasons Why a DaVinci Roof is a Luxury Roof for an Architect
  • Engineered Polymer - Tiles are created from an engineered polymer
  • Fire Retardant - Fire retardant is impregnated into the tiles
  • UV Stablilizers - UV stabilizers are embedded in the tiles
  • Thickness of Tiles – Thicker tiles show more surface edge detail than other synthetic tiles on the market. DaVinci Slate has a 1/2-inch profile and DaVinci Shake has a 5/8-inch profile.
  • Multi-Widths - Both our DaVinci Shake and DaVinci Slate lines come in multi-widths (5 widths for Slate and 5 widths for Shake), allowing for a more natural appearance once on the roof. 
  • Collated-Bundles - DaVinci's multi-tone blends are pre-collated in the factory, eliminating the need for the contractor to do it on the jobsite.
  • Natural Colors - All DaVinci lines have been tone matched to weathered roofs, guaranteeing that they will look as natural as their Mother-Nature-made weathered counterparts.
  • Engineered Structure - DaVinci Slate and DaVinci Shake have engineered ribbing structures installed in the back of the shingles, eliminating the worry of lifting or curling.
As a result of these factors, a DaVinci Roof ends up being a worry-free roof for the Architect because the homeowner is pleased with the aesthetic appeal of the roof as well as its durability and the contractor is pleased with the ease of installation and the overall look of the roof.

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