The DaVinci Roof - A Luxury Roof for the Homeowner and Contractor

DaVinci Roofscapes offers a full line of synthetic slate shingles and synthetic shake shingles.  Our manufactured slate tile and simulated shake roofing offers the ultimate in luxury roofs for both the homeowner and the contractor.

What makes a DaVinci luxury roof, a luxury roof for the homeowner?
  • It's Designer Roof
  • There is No Maintenance
  • It is a Green Roof System
  • It has a 50-year Warranty
  • With proper underlayment, they have a Class A fire rating
  • They have a Class 4 Hail Rating
  • Contractor doesn't have to collate the tiles, therefore eliminating any potential installation problems with the multi-toned slate roofs.
What makes a DaVinci luxury roof, a luxury roof for the contractor?
  • Tiles are lightweight
  • Tiles are conveniently collated at the manufacturing plant and therefore there is no on the spot collating needed.
  • Polymer is a nice product to work with - they don't crack and break like slate and don't crack or splinter like shake.
  • They last 50-years, which means the contractor doesn't have to come back for 50-years.
  • DaVinci Tiles are beautifully designed and make a house look more expensive, therefore making a roof with DaVinci an incredible show piece for a roof.  So not only is it a great maintenance-free roof for the contractor, but also a future lead generator.
Due to the ease of the installation, the beauty of the DaVinci tiles and the maintenance free roof, a DaVinci Roof is a luxury roof for both the homeowner and the contractor.  A win-win situation for both parties.

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