The DaVinci Synthetic Roof - A Class Apart

There's no denying the fact that DaVinci Roofscapes tiles are a class apart, irrespective of whether you compare them with natural roofing options or other synthetic ones in the market. To give you an overview of what makes DaVinci the perfect roofing choice to adorn your residential or commercial establishment, here are some indicators:
  • How many other roofing products in the market are accompanied by a 50 year warranty? The fact that DaVinci polymer roofing products are, indicates our confidence in our products ability to withstand whatever comes its way.
  • How many other roofing products in the market can claim an environment friendly factor? Not only is DaVinci manufactured in an environment friendly way, it is also disposed of in the same manner. How? By not disposing them at all! All our tiles are 100 percent recyclable, therefore ensuring we do not contribute to the waste clogging landfills.
  • How many other roofing products on the market can boast of a high wind-impact-and-fire resistance grading? All of our products have been tested and awarded the highest grade possible for all these tests indicating an almost impenetrable resistance power.

These were indicative pointers to show what makes DaVinci different from so many other roofing brands. This is not an exhaustive listing and there are many other characteristics that define DaVinci uniquely.

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