The Hurricanes are Coming!

September's here and so are hurricanes. Have you done everything possible to ensure that damage to life and property within your household remains at the barest minimum, no matter the intensity of wind, debris or rain outside? If you think you have, you only need to look up to know that there is a major kink in your house's armor. The roof.

Simulated Slate RoofingIs your roof strong enough to withstand the force of debris landing on it and heavy gusts of wind threatening to blow it apart during hurricanes? What you need is something that can guarantee safety in the face of all seasonal changes. That something is DaVinci shakes and slates. What makes us so confident of the ability of our product to ensure your safety?

Our polymer roofing products have been tested by the most trusted testing standards in the industry for wind and impact resistance. Our shakes and slates can withstand Class 5 Hurricane Zone Force winds and have been awarded the highest grade possible in wind resistance. The impact rating our products enjoy is Class 4, which means that debris and other impacting substances striking your roof cannot cause severe damage to it.

Also, did you know that DaVinci green roof systems cost a factor of their natural counterparts, if you take into consideration the 50 year roof warranty they come with, not to mention the insurance benefits you can derive from installing them on your roof.  Get in touch with our customer service department to find out more.

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