The Importance of Snow Guards on Simulated Shake Roofing

We've all been through a snow storm or two, or the day or two after a snow storm when Snow guards on shakesnow begins to melt its way down the roof creating noise that can be akin to a thunderstorm.  While this may be a fact of life for those in northern climates, anyone that might be standing underneath that roof when the snow starts to billow down may not be so quick to brush it off.  Snow guards on a shake tile roof alleviate this problem, ensuring you don’t have to worry about injuries or passerby, or potential insurance and liability issues.

Snow guards are constructed to ensure your home experiences minimal damage from ice and snow during and after a storm.  When temps start to go back up, the sliding of this buildup can wreak havoc.  This risk is eliminated when you have snow guards installed in various sections of your home, as they allow frozen materials to thaw or slowly melt to protect anyone passing by, and protect your home from further damage.

Many homeowners forego snow guards because they feel it may impact the appearance of a shake shingle roof.   Today however, you can choose snowguards that offer you the protection you need without compromising your desire for a stunning roof.  When it comes to snowguards, you can choose from a huge selection of colors and shapes that maintain the natural look of your shake roofing and offer you the protection you need from snow damage.


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