The Journey Continues for our Environmentally Friendly Roof

If you read our previous blog post “DaVinci all over the World,” then you know that our environmentally friendly roof is really finding its home on the tops of buildings in many other countries.  The popular features of our design with its long life durability and authentic good looks makes it an asset to any building owner looking to provide protection to their property investment while also honoring a commitment to green roofing options.

Last time, readers were able to view pictures of our synthetic slate roof tiles on a historic landmark auditorium in American Samoa, a beach home in the Bahamas and a chalet nestled in scenic Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Our roof tile adventure continues in two other international locales: Japan and St. Thomas, USVI.

Nishimura Coffee House in Kobe, Japan
DaVinci Fake Slate in Japan
Nishimura is the historic Kobe, Japan coffee legend well known long before Starbucks become so popular worldwide. It has been on the same corner in the city since it opened in 1948. Its German styling really benefits from the new slate black DaVinci roof installed to keep this city landmark’s structure open and ready to serve coffee for many more years to come.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Custom Roofing Tiles
Okay, so it’s not exactly a foreign country to all of us here in the United States, but the U.S. territory islands are in the Caribbean and do require either boat or plane to reach. As a popular travel destination, the island is definitely a paradise to take you away from it all. That’s why our custom blend fired brick red multi-width shakes are enjoying their stay atop this lovely home nestled in this green tropic heaven.

You won’t need to travel so far to have DaVinci tiles installed on your roof. Just give us a call or submit your information online to have our Customer Support assist you in choosing the ideal color and style to protect your home or building rooftop.

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