The Many Benefits of Synthetic Slate Roof Tile

DaVinci Slate: Beautiful, Distinctive, and DurableWhen you see a slate roof on any home, the impression is one that is breathless.  A natural slate roof is one that is constructed through pulling slate from the earth and working it into shingles.  The result is a roof that offers the performance you need in durability, waterproofing, and fireproofing.  The disadvantages to that however are that slate does not have the impact resistance you may be looking for due to its natural properties. 

What do you do when you want the extraordinary look of slate, without those disadvantages?  Synthetic slate roof shingles are an unnatural natural choice.

The key benefit of a synthetic slate alternative is that it offers you both of the things you are looking for in roof materials – appearance and performance.  DaVinci products were developed to overcome the problems encountered with natural slate.  Ours are distinctive in that they offer you just those two key things you are looking for.  With natural slate alternatives, you experience none of the shortcomings of natural slate, but all of the benefits of beauty.

We engineer our synthetic slate shingles with polymer products that are designed to look like real slate.  Our color selection is just as broad, if not more so, than you will find in natural slate products.  Not only that, but synthetic slate cost is much more economical than what you will experience if your roof is constructed from products pulled directly from the earth.  If you want a roof that is truly extraordinary and admired, synthetic slate from DaVinci will do the job.

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