The Many Colors of DaVinci Roofs

There's a reason why so many homes that have a natural slate roof look kind of similar. Slate just doesn't come in a huge variety of colors. Sure, there are some different hues but with natural stone, you have to use lightweight roofing optionswhatever is naturally available. The same can be said about natural cedar shake, but there really are no limits when it comes to the colors of DaVinci roofs.

Since we make our tiles with a carefully engineered polymer resin, we can make them in just about any color possible. Although we can (and do) provide tiles with custom colors, most people find more than enough beautiful blends with our 49 standard colors. Each of these colors is available for all of our tile profiles either as one color or blends of up to five different colors! That makes for a huge number of color combinations and the easiest way to check them out is by using our online color designer. If you still aren't sure which color would look best on top of your home or business, browse our color studio, and download a free guide to finding the perfect roof color written by color expert Kate Smith. As well, Kate is also available to provide a free color consultation to help you select the perfect color for your roof.

Did you pick the color blend for your DaVinci roof with help from Kate? Please send us your photos to share on this blog!

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